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Garmin Marine Wi-Fi Adapter Kit

Garmin Marine Wi-Fi Adapter Kit

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The Marine Wi-Fi Adapter Kit provides a dedicated Wi-Fi connection between a compatible chartplotter and applicable Garmin apps downloaded to mobile digital devices.

Paired with the BlueChart® Mobile app, it allows you to remotely transfer routes, waypoints and more from your iPad® or iPhone® to your networked chartplotter. Once underway, the adapter will allow your mobile digital devices to "follow the boat" along its route by wirelessly sharing the GPS location from the marine network. This is the most accurate way for passengers to see the boat's progress and position from anywhere on the boat.

The Marine Wi-Fi Adapter Kit also will allow the pairing of a compatible Garmin chartplotter with Garmin Helm™. This free app allows you to view and control compatible Garmin chartplotters from your iPhone or iPad, or phone or tablet using Android™. The app provides enhanced situational awareness for mariners.

In multiple GPSMAP 8000 series chartplotter installations, Garmin Helm provides thumbnail screen previews of each chartplotter screen to allow easy selection. Easily switch between portrait and landscape mode to accommodate mounting preferences. Using your iPhone or iPad, you can even record a movie of your chartplotter screen to share with friends and family. Use up to 5 digital mobile devices simultaneously with GPSMAP 8000 series.

The adapter kit includes power supply options for both AC and DC, which also includes 2 Power Over Ethernet (POE) injectors for use with AC or DC power.

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Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance..

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  • Wi-Fi adapter
  • Omni-directional antenna
  • Wall mount holster
  • Power cables and Power over Ethernet (POE) injectors
  • Garmin Marine Network cable and coupler
  • Software update SD™ card
  • Documentation

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